One in ten older teens or adults in our country is addicted to at least one substance. image

One in ten older teens or adults in our country is addicted to at least one substance.

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Addiction is a family disease.

Even though only one person in the family may use, the entire family is affected. Many times, family members feel lost, isolated and scared with no one to tell what they are facing. That is where we come in. We provide a place where friends and families can come together to learn about the disease, to realize they are not alone and to be in a group of others who just "get" them.

"I am so thankful to my son who handed me The Mom of an Addict flyer and told me to “work my own program.“ Jennifer Hope’s passion and compassion are truly inspiring. At my first meeting, I received so many new resources for local help and treatment that I didn’t even know existed.

I have been able to establish healthy boundaries and improve communication with my son. I have realized and accepted that there is no one path to recovery. Recovery looks different for everyone. Every week, I take away valuable tools for my own recovery as we focus on a new topic for discussion.

I have heard from guest speakers in our community and personal testimonials. I have received Narcan training and FREE Narcan. No matter what you are looking for in a recovery program, Mom of an Addict has something for everyone.

Best of all, I know that I am not alone and every week I am reminded, that there is always HOPE. "

-Tara B.

Since our beginning in June 2019, we have served over 290 people in our support group meeting locations. We know there are thousands, even hundreds of thousands, more feeling alone. Won't you click the donate button and help us reach them?